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New spaces for Husson University


A new laboratory, classroom, seminar and office spaces to prepare Husson University for their new Doctor of Pharmacy program.


Facilities Assessments

The school uses the entire 26,000 square feet available on the top floor of Peabody Hall, Husson University’s main academic building. The renovated classrooms now support advanced chemistry, biology/ anatomy, and pharmacy-specific learning, such as dispensing and health records use.

We began our work with a study of the building’s existing structural, mechanical and electrical systems. This study revealed poor capacity in the existing electrical system, and thus triggered equipment upgrades. The upgrades were necessary even though our design used less power per square foot for lighting than the existing area.

Energy efficiency was a priority for us and for Husson University. However, an analysis of the building structure prohibited an increase in roof insulation. This is typical of older buildings in Maine. The structural analysis did allow us to reconfigure walls that were once thought to be a part of the building’s lateral load resisting system.

We also addressed another design area important to the University. We took a bland, uninviting interior and gave it identity and interest. Specific materials were chosen for durability and environmental friendliness. The clean and lively look of the space was an important part of the school’s credentialing effort: that the Doctor of Pharmacy program have an identifiable, distinctive look.

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